Night Walk

October 2nd 2015

To raise awareness of the issue of mental health in young people, and to raise some funding for our program, we held an event that Cameron and lots of other young people love to take part in:

A Night Walk.

The event took place on October 2nd 2015, starting and ending at Fentham Hall Car Park, Hampton in Arden. It was a short event designed to get as many people out and about as possible and then refresh themselves with a visit to the White Lion (for those that are old enough) afterwards.

What is a Night Walk? It is a walk, at night. That’s it. The darkness does strange things to perspectives though, so some people find navigating a simple route at night much more difficult than during the day – and that’s the challenge of a night walk.

When was it? Between 7pm and 8pm on October 2nd.

How long was it? It was around 7.5km departing from Hampton In Arden, looping around Barston and returning back to the start point. It took most walkers just over two hours to complete the route, which is on foot paths and relatively flat – there weren’t any long inclines so there was no need to worry about it being too tough; it wasn’t! All walkers were finished by 10pm, ready for a hot chocolate or two.

Why would I take part? To raise money, support our cause of assisting people with mental health issues and improving their lives and outcomes – and to have a great time! It really is all about having a good time out and about in the countryside with friends – that in itself is a

What were the requirements of taking part? It was a pretty simple event but there were some requirements we asked you to be aware of:

  • Age 15 & Under: all walkers age 15 and under were very welcome to take part, but they HAD to walk with a responsible adult on the night. Those 16 or above, were wished good luck and told “you’re on your own”!
  • It is a night event, it will be dark! All who took part were offered a free head torch to help them see their way around the route. Many thanks to those who brought their own illumination!
  • It was in October. And we were lucky to get a clear, still dry evening!
  • How were walkers guided around the route? All were given a map & instructions, and the whole route was signposted. There were several marshal points around the route, but finding your own way round was part of the fun!
  • How much does it cost to enter? The walk was free, but we did ask all who took part to aim for a minimum sponsorship of £20

On the night itself we raised around £1200 from direct donations, with more coming in afterwards on Total Giving. It was a hugely successful night, thank you to everyone who took part.