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The Hampton-in-Arden 2021 Calendar is now on sale in The Corner Shop. Many thanks to Peter Green and Adam Paintain for again producing the calendar and choosing to support Cameron Grant Memorial Trust. If you would like a copy and can’t get to Hampton, please see our webshop here.

Christmas Cards now available in 7 designs, including 4 new designs for 2020! For more information see here.

Cameron's Coasters

There is always someone you can talk to

Cameron didn’t seek help and no one – including us and his friends at Uni – knew that he was suffering from depression. We produce Cameron’s Coasters, customised drink mats, which we send to schools, universities, local pubs and sports clubs, and...
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Ready to film with Hannah Elsy Productions @hannah_elsy at @SolihullCollege for a new Cameron Grant Memorial Trust video.

#MentalHealthAwareness #SuicidePrevention #CameronsCoasters

Visceral commentary on #COVID19 from a nurse on the frontline. Thanks @kathryniveyy for all you are doing.

Filming for Cameron Grant Memorial Trust at @SolihullCollege with Hannah Elsy Productions @hannah_elsy #MentalHealthAwareness #SuicidePrevention #CameronsCoasters

Arrived at @SolihullCollege to make a video about Cameron Grant Memorial Trust with Hannah Elsy Productions @hannah_elsy and delighted to see Cameron's Cards on display by Reception!

Great news! Many congratulations to everyone at @GiveUsAShout and all who volunteer for Shout. We at Cameron Grant Memorial Trust have never been so proud to be a partner of Shout 85258.