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Are you a regular walker and new to endurance events? Perhaps a seasoned trekker looking for testing adventures? Or even a marathon runner wanting to ‘up’ your distance? Whether it’s along magnificent coastal scenery, or in stunning open countryside, there’s an Ultra Challenge for you.

Walk, Jog or Run at YOUR pace on the Ultra Challenge Series event of your choice. Join Cameron Grant Memorial Trust in 2022 for an unforgettable Challenge. It will be rewarding, fun, and absolutely achievable with your resolve and determination alongside first class support.

Push yourself further – 100km Full Challenge, with Half & Quarter options also available. See our Ultra Challenge page for all the details.

Many thanks to Cameron’s cousin Kirsty Ferguson who created this wonderful series of wellbeing postcards. Please contact us on if you would like some.

Cameron's Coasters

There is always someone you can talk to

Cameron didn’t seek help and no one – including us and his friends at Uni – knew that he was suffering from depression. We produce Cameron’s Coasters, customised drink mats, which we send to schools, universities, local pubs and sports clubs, and...
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Many thanks to everyone who bought the Hampton Calendar for 2022. Calendar sales raised a wonderful £592 for Cameron Grant Memorial Trust!

#NewYearDeal now on - please sign up for an #UltraChallenge in support of @CamMemorial. See here for further details

🆕 Project report now available on our peer-research study exploring bereavement by suicide in later life is now available.

Click to read the full report ⤵️

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