19 Dec 2015

Challenge Adventure Group award the Cameron Grant Trophy for Outdoor Achievement to Daniel Hadley

Challenge Adventure Group is a voluntary outdoor activity group for boys age 10 – 18. As the name says, it provides challenging adventures to its members to give them a greater view of the outdoor world.
Part of this is through the outdoor overnight trips that they run as well as the outdoor weekly activities at their Tuesday evening meetings.
Cameron Grant was a long term member of Challenge Adventure Group and the person who most took advantage of the opportunities to get out and about. From the age of 10 onwards, Cameron barely missed a trip and took part in activities such as Ghyl Scrambling, a Six Summits hiking challenge (twice!), winter camping, canoeing and kayaking, abseiling etc. You can see some photos of him on his CAG trips here.
As a memorial to Cameron, to highlight the opportunities of the outdoor environment to aid mental wellbeing and to encourage more young people to be active outdoors, CAG has created an annual award to be given to the individual who most enjoys the opportunities of being outdoors and active.
The Cameron Grant Trophy for Outdoor Achievement was awarded for the first time at the recent CAG Annual Awards Evening. The recipient was a member who had been with the group for just over a year and who was the most enthusiastic about getting outdoors over the previous 12 months. Daniel Hadley, age 12, took part in all the trips that were run and enjoyed them immensely. He will also be taking part in the bi-annual CAG ski trip in February 2016 and was so enthusiastic to get involved that he raised half the cost of the trip himself! He is a very worthy award winner and sets a great example to others to grab any opportunities and enjoy what they have to offer.
Many congratulations to Daniel!