How can you help us as a Volunteer?

Can you help us get Cameron’s Coasters, Cups and Cards into more communities? Can you help us on the Night Walk, or would you like to run your own? Are you in a position to help us with our marketing, social media and our website? Would you like to fundraise for us, or simply make a donation? More details follow below; if you can contribute in one or more of the areas described, please get in touch on Many thanks, Evan & Carol Grant


Our main project is creating and distributing Cameron’s Coasters to universities, schools, colleges, pubs, clubs, and anywhere else they might connect people to help. These are simple drink mats with help information relevant to the community where they are used. We also do a wallet-sized plastic cards with similar help information, and disposable cups.

We always need help to identify communities that might want to use Coasters, Cards or Cups, and to then work with them to agree the help information that they would like to have on their own versions.

  • If you can connect us with one or communities – eg, the school or university you attend, your sports club – that would like to use Cameron’s Coasters, please do. If you would like to contact multiple communities – eg, all the Further Education colleges in your region, multiple schools in a Trust or an LEA – even better. Either way, please email us.
  • We’d like to find a way of working with pub companies, drinks companies, hotel chains, and similar. They all produce huge numbers of dripmats already. and we’d like to explore if any of them would look at using one of our designs on occasion – eg, for 1 week every 3 months – in place of their regular design. Our pitch to the companies would be to contribute to whatever Giveback or Corporate Social Responsibility goals they may have. For us this would get the message to many more people, and potentially, at no cost to Cameron Grant Memorial Trust! If you know who to contact in any of these companies, or how to connect us with one or more of them, please get in touch.
  • Similarly for the Cups we would like to find commercial partners – cafe chains, etc – who might use our design on some regular basis. As for “Pub Company” approach above, we want to make pitch “you are producing cups ay your own expense anyway, please do some every quarter in our design”. Again, if you can help, please get in touch.
  • We have other ambitions to promote education about Mental Health. We especially like the approach of ‘Look After Your Mate‘ from Student Minds. Our aim would be to put 1 or 2 people in each community through “train the trainers” type-course with the aim of embedding the skill and expertise in each community in a enduring way. It is easier to see how this would work in schools and universities, and that is where we would start. If you are interested in being trained to support a community with which you are involved, get in touch and let us know why.
  • We run an annual Night Walk to remember Cameron, raise awareness fo the importance of good mental health, and to raise money. We need local volunteers for that (we are near Solihull) to act as marshals and so on. Please contact us if you would like to help.We are also always interested if people would like to organise a Night Walk with similar objectives. If you would like to organise your own Night Walk, please get in touch!
  • We could use some help with marketing (including designing and writing flyers, etc), our website and social media. We would be delighted to hear form any marketing agency or similar that would be willing to work with us as a charity in these areas.
  • And of course, we are always delighted to receive donations, and for anyone to fundraise on our behalf. Do get in touch with any fundraising ideas, and do consider taking on an Ultra Challenge in 2018 – we are a Listed Charity for these 7 events.

Thanks again, Evan & Carol Grant