05 Nov 2017

Please vote for Cameron’s Coasters: 170 votes per day needed


Why? To help us secure £5,000 funding from Aviva to put 100,000 Coasters into 50 schools, colleges, universities and other places where young people meet. We want to help more people who are struggling with their mental health to find support when they need it.

How? By clicking the link below to go to the Aviva Community Fund website. The earlier problems with the Aviva website have been fixed. Voting costs nothing, and now really is quick and easy to do.

Who? Anyone who lives in the UK can vote. There is no age* or “only 1 per household” restriction so the whole family can take part!

When? Voting is open till noon on Tue 21 Nov


How many votes do we need? We need about 170 votes per day – or a minimum of 17 voters per day – to beat last year’s total of 6,097 votes. This will demonstrate sustained support, and we are confident it will be enough to get Cameron’s Coasters to the final to be considered for a grant.

How else can you help? Please keep sharing the voting link as widely as you can, and encourage family, friends & colleagues to vote and share in turn. We are competing against 703 other projects to get to the final, so the contest is tough. We need support from friends, and from “friends of friends”, to get to 6,097 votes and beyond.

Very many thanks to all who have voted so far; please keep encouraging others to vote too.


* Many have asked about an age restriction because you when you register to vote on of the questions is “are you 18 or over”. However you answer you can still register and vote. Full terms here on the Aviva Community Fund website.