01 Jun 2018

Tripled donations at AmazonSmile from 15 to 29 June!

XCM_Manual_Amazon_Smile_banner_CGMT_300Tripled donations with every qualifying purchase! AmazonSmile is a way of donating to a charity – please choose Cameron Grant Memorial Trust! – while shopping at Amazon. Same shopping experience and prices for you, but Cameron Grant Memorial Trust also gets a donation of around 0.5% of what you spend.

For a limited period only – 15 to 29 June – AmazonSmile is tripling its donation rate so Cameron Grant Memorial Trust will get around 1.5% of what you spend.

Please choose to support Cameron Grant Memorial Trust by starting your shopping at AmazonSmile all the time, and especially from 15 to 29 June.

XCM_Manual_1115358_3X_promo_June_On-site_Graphics_640x640_Amazon_Smile_1115358_UK_Smile_Promo_Instagram_640x640_1-jpgMany thanks, Evan & Carol