15 Jan 2021

Announcing 3 new videos!

We are delighted to launch 3 new videos about Cameron Grant Memorial Trust and Cameron’s Coasters. Our goals are to encourage all in mental distress to speak up and ask for help, and to make it as easy as possible for more communities to get their own, free version of Cameron’s Coasters.

About Cameron Grant Memorial Trust: Evan Grant introduces the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust, describing why the Trust was created and the work it does to encourage all in mental distress to speak up and ask for help.

About Cameron’s Coasters: Evan describes Cameron’s Coasters, simple drinks mats customised with the mental health support information most important for each community where they are used.

How to request your version of Cameron’s Coasters: a short ‘explainer’ animation describing Cameron’s Coasters and how to request a free, customised version for your community. Please just email to request Cameron’s Coasters, Card or Posters free of charge.

The videos were produced and written by Hannah Elsy Productions with cinematography, editing and animation by Kris Vankay of The Luma Lounge. Our thanks to all involved, and to Solihull College & University Centre and The White Lion Inn, our local pub in Hampton-in-Arden, for making their premises available for the videos.