Night Walk 2016 Registration

Night Walk 2016 Registration
Thank you for registering for the night walk.

Please complete the form for EACH walker. When you have registered a walker you will be given a link to register the next.

Fields that MUST be completed are shown with an asterisk *.
First Name *
Enter walkers first name
Last Name *
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Email Address *
Email address where walker can be contacted
Date of Birth *
Enter walkers date of birth
Address *
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Town *
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Post Code *
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Contact MOBILE Number *
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Registration confirmation *
By registering I agree that I / the walker is fit to carry out a walk of around 7.5km in the dark. I / the walker will be suitably equipped and I understand that the event will still go ahead in the event of adverse weather, unless otherwise notified. I / the walker agrees to walk with a responsible adult age 18 or over if I / the walker is age 15 or under. By taking part in the event I / the walker agrees to raise at least £20 of sponsorship for the event. Finally, I / the walker agrees to have a great time on the event!
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