09 Feb 2016

Feeling low? Don’t bottle it up …

Cameron didn’t seek help and no one – including us and his friends at Uni -knew that he was suffering from depression. We are using Cameron’s Fund, along with a grant from the Aviva Community Fund, to produce drink mats which we will send to universities, local pubs and sports clubs to encourage people to get help. The aim is that by putting relevant helpline numbers on drink mats, we might catch someone who is vulnerable. We are working with Edinburgh University at the moment and have given drink mats to Royal Holloway, University of London, where Cameron studied Geology, and to Churchill College, Cambridge. We would also like to talk to companies about using the drink mats at desks in the workplace, and in meeting rooms. Our drink mats work just as well with a cup of coffee or a glass of water as they do  with a pint of beer!  This is a project we have just started in the hope of encouraging people to ask for help rather than suffering in silence as Cameron did.