22 Nov 2016

Look After Your Mate


We were delighted to sponsor Molly Austen of Royal Holloway, University of London to go on a “Train the Trainers” course for the Look After Your Mates workshop run by Student Minds on 21 November. Afterwards, Molly told us:

I just wanted to let you know that the workshop went really well. It is based on how to lend support to a friend and how to spot the really subtle signs that your friend may be struggling and then the second half covers how important it is to maintain your own wellbeing as a friend who is supporting a friend with mental health difficulties!

We’re going to run a practice of this workshop this term to a couple of staff members so that we can start delivering it to student groups in January! Thank you so much again for enabling me to fo on the course, I really will use it as much as we possibly can to reach as many students as possible!


Our thanks to Molly, and our best wishes to her in getting this out to as many students as possible. If anyone else is interested, please contact us on

Evan & Carol