23 Nov 2016

The Aviva Finalists in our category

Now Aviva have announced the Finalists we can see clearly where we stand. And it is great news; we have almost twice as many votes as the next best in our category! Thank you again to all who voted for us, and encouraged others to vote too.

Votes Projects up to £5,000 in Health, Disability and Wellbeing (*)
6,097 Cameron’s Coasters – Cameron Grant Memorial Trust
3,052 Helping teenagers with mental health issues – The Invictus Trust
2,747 Local Motion Dance Company – Motion Control Dance
2,529 Bereavement Midwife for York Hospital – York Sands
2,500 Getting connected – Muck and More Allotment Association
2,416 Bodster ponies Improving Mental Health – Bodster CIC
2,306 Improving our service to the people of Cornwall – Cornwall Blood Bikes
2,260 Survivors – Don’t wait 23 years… – Eastbourne Survivors

Judges will now rank these 8 projects against the criteria detailed here on the Aviva Community Fund website. The number of votes cast is only a minor factor in the overall assessment, though I have got to believe that having twice as many votes as anyone else must make a difference!

Carol and I have to submit further details about our project by 7 December, and the results will be announced on 10 January 2017. There are a lot of good projects, and I don’t envy the judges their Christmas break!

Fingers crossed, and thanks again for all the votes, Evan

(*) The Aviva Community Fund system is quite sophisticated, with different categories of project, funding level, and applicant. Our project is in the “Health, Disability and Wellbeing” category with a funding request of up to £5,000, and, as CGMT, we are an “Organisation with annual income of under £100,000” in the “General Competition” (there are separate contests for “Broker submitted”, and “Financial Adviser submitted” projects). All the Finalists are listed by category in the Full list of Finalists available on the Aviva Community Fund website.