09 Apr 2017

Presentation to Coventry School Foundation

Many thanks to John Watson, Headmaster at Bablake School, for inviting me to talk to the combined academic staff of Bablake and King Henry VIII schools on 7 April. I made a slideshow of Cameron for the talk, and have since put a version on YouTube:


You can view a PDF version of the presentation which contains many links to further information here. Some of the links are obvious; many are linked from graphics and logos in the presentation so are only evident when the mouse pointer is over the graphic (it changes to a “wee pointing hand”). Enjoy exploring! You can download the presentation from the link above, or by clicking the button below.

Download Presentation

Many thanks to all who contributed ideas and suggestions to the presentation, and especially to Steve Mallen, Chair of the MindEd Trust.


PS Towards the end of the presentation I made frequent reference to a paper by Prof Katherine Weare; this is free to download from the website of the National Children’s Bureau: What works in promoting social and emotional well-being and responding to mental health problems in schools?