28 Oct 2017


The PET-Xi Firing Up Young Minds School & College Roadshow 2017 is underway with the goal of meeting 30,000 young people and 20,000 parents and carers to act as an inspiration about future careers.

We are delighted that PET-Xi have chosen to take Cameron’s Coasters with them as they visit schools and colleges, and proud that Cameron’s Coaster will be on display on the fleet of minibuses that will be used for the Roadshow.

For more information about the Roadshow, and about PET-Xi, please see PET-Xi FIRING UP YOUNG MINDS ROADSHOW (and note that the fleet of minibuses are being used instead of the double-decker bus described in the launch article).

Thanks, Evan & Carol

PS: please don’t forget to vote for Cameron’s Coasters in the Aviva Community Fund so we can get Aviva funding to get more Coasters into more schools, colleges & other communities around the UK.

Anyone who lives in the UK can vote; there is no age limit. (You are asked at registration if you are “18 or over” but even if you answer “no” you are still allowed to register and vote.)

Voting is open till 21 Nov and our goal is to get more votes than last year when we got 6,097 votes. Every vote helps!

Also, please share the voting link with encouragement to others to vote and share too.