28 Sep 2022

Watch TAPPED by Katie Redford!

We were delighted to support ​the live streaming of TAPPED by Katie Redford with a Cameron Grant last year and we encourage you to watch it now at the link below.

A garage. A flipchart. A pile of Club biscuits. T-shirts that don’t fit. And 3 people who are really stuck.

Tapped is a heart-warming comedy that explores the importance of connection, fulfilment and (lack of) hope. In Stapleford aka Stabbo, we meet Gavi, Jen and Dawn at an amateur self-help group who all share one commonality; they’re desperate for escapism.

Tapped is a witty and sensitive portrayal of managing mental health within a family, highlighting the barriers we put up in order to put on a brave face, whilst having those all-important lightbulb moments, like realising Aldi really does sell everything!

Watch TAPPED by Katie Redford now at using password: Tapped503!

(Beware, the first 45 secs is an advert, not TAPPED!)