27 Sep 2017

Impact of suicide in the UK – a new survey

The Impact of suicide in the UKThe University of Manchester and the Support After Suicide Partnership launched an important new survey on 26 September, 2017. The aims of the research are to:

  • understand more about the impact a death by suicide may have on the lives of those who are bereaved or affected by the death
  • establish the support people bereaved or affected by suicide received, how the support was helpful, and where such support is lacking
  • examine evidence of the need for suicide bereavement support services.

The survey is open to those aged 18 or over, who live in the UK and who are either bereaved or affected by suicide.  For example, bereaved families, friends or colleagues of the person who died, front line staff (eg, ambulance personnel, A&E staff, police, fire, air ambulance, lifeboat personnel), prison officers, train drivers, teachers, those who witness the death, those responsible for the care of the person who died or those caring for those bereaved by suicide, and so on.

If you have been bereaved or affected by suicide, please complete the survey.

Many thanks, Evan Grant